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What is VATmm?

VATmm is private non-profit project to present current and past data of the VATSIM online flying network. First and foremost, this page exists to try out and learn new technologies.

Which data is VATmm using?

Clients: This site loads and process the VATSIM data files. This files contains the current situation on VATSIM of flights and ATCs.
e.g. flight: AAL3706:(VATSIM ID):(Pilot name):PILOT::40.64746:-73.79425:27:0:H/B744/ /v/ SEL/LSAC:+JFK3 BETTE ACK KANNI N79A SUPRY 4650N 4740N 4830N 5020N SOMAX ATSUR DCT RATKA N502 PIKOD UN502 JSY UN160 PIGOP UN491 TABOV UM163 CTL UZ706 NVO T857 BIKMU BIKM1G:0:0:0:0:::20171014122332:150:30.259:1024:
e.g. ATC: BOS_N_APP:(VATSIM ID):(ATC name):ATC:118.250:42.36532:-71.01858:0:::0::::USA-E:100:4::5:150::::::::::::::::$
Since VATmm V3, pilot or ATC names and VATSIM ID are no longer processed and saved. The file will be deleted after processing.

Events: Events are loaded and processed of the VATSIM page and VATEUD API. No personal data (name and/or VATSIM ID) is stored.

ATC booking: Data provided by vatbook API. No personal data (name and/or VATSIM ID) is stored.

Sector data: Data provided by VAT-Spy Client Data Update Project.

Other: For the other external data check the 3rd party software and privacy policy page.

Open source

Image generator: The code for the image generator is available on Github and Gitlab.